What is LifeRing?

Posted on: June 14, 2017 at 5:55 am, in

The LifeRing approach to addiction management is a new departure in self-help recovery. Thoroughly grounded in proven therapeutic approaches such as CBT and Reality Therapy, among others, LifeRing has also evolved out of the experiences of former addicts themselves. At the heart of LifeRing is the addicted person. We take charge of our own recovery in a mutually supportive and positive way. We accept that recovery is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. The group meeting is our main focus where we come together to share our experiences, to support and learn from each other on our individual journeys.

The cornerstones of LifeRing are the ‘three Ss’: Sobriety (meaning abstinence), Secularity (meaning religion is not involved) and Self-help.

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