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New Venue In Mullingar

LifeRing meetings in Mullingar now take place in the NationwideBuilding, Austin Friar Street, Mullingar at 7:30pm on Wednesdays.

To attend a LifeRing meeting, all you need to do is to turn up!

LifeRing was started in California ten years ago by a group of recovering addicts including Martin Nicolaus, author of ‘Empowering your Sober Self’ and the addiction recovery workbook ‘Recovery by Choice’.

LifeRing meetings were first established in Ireland in Dublin in 2009. There are currently meetings in Dublin, Cork, Dingle, and Mullingar.

What is LifeRing?

The LifeRing approach to addiction management is a new departure in self-help recovery. Thoroughly grounded in proven therapeutic approaches, LifeRing has evolved out of the experiences of former addicts themselves. At the heart of LifeRing is the addicted person. We take charge of our own recovery in a mutually supportive and positive way. We accept that recovery is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. The group meeting is our main focus where we come together to share our experiences, to support and learn from each other on our individual journeys.

The cornerstones of LifeRing are the ‘three Ss’: Sobriety (meaning abstinence), Secularity (meaning religion is not involved) and Self-help.

Improving our website

Please bear with us while we improve our web site.

The entire LifeRing operation in Ireland is run by volunteers. We fund ourselves by passing around a basket (well, usually a pencil case) at meetings to cover cost of room hire, insurance literature etc ( contributions are definitely not mandatory).

We recently had our website professionally redesigned. We are now working on the content and ask for your understanding as we get to grips with the technology.