LifeRing Books

Books are available to buy at our meetings, or from the LifeRIng Bookstore

Empower Your Sober Self

Empower Your Sober Self is a book about the ethos of LifeRing and the strategies it recommends. The book describes the LifeRing approach to sobriety and is written for individuals wishing to be free of addiction, their friends and family and professionals in the field of addiction and recovery. It addresses areas in which LifeRing differs from traditional support groups, as well as other alternative methods of achieving sobriety. It also contains anecdotal stories from LifeRing members and the methods they used to get clean or sober. 

Recovery By Choice Handbook

Recovery By Choice Handbook is a how-to book for achieving lifelong freedom from alcohol and other drugs. Using this book, you can construct an effective abstinence-based recovery program tailored to your individual reality. You will learn to act with confidence as your own therapist. You will empower your sober self. 

Humanly Possible

Humanly Possible is about success in recovery from substance addiction, with an emphasis on secular recovery. This book shows that recovery without religion is not only conceivable but readily achievable.