The Importance of Choice in Recovery

There are as many ways to live free of drugs and alcohol as there are stories of successful clean and sober people. LifeRing was established specifically to offer an alternative to traditional 12-step recovery methods.

When you refer your patients/clients to LifeRing support groups, they will find abstinence, peer support, secularity, and choice. We offer advice, understanding, and encouragement. 

LifeRing groups provide peer support. Discussion centres on current life issues (“how was your week?”) and on planning to meet recovery challenges in the days ahead.  The atmosphere is safe, confidential, positive.

All LifeRing groups are based on abstinence. LifeRing does not support moderation, harm reduction, or controlled drinking approaches.

Each participant in LifeRing is encouraged to develop their own Personal Recovery Programme. We encourage each participant to work out their own particular path and to use the group process as a workshop for that purpose.

This approach embraces the modern, evidence-based principle of individualised treatment, and applies it to self-treatment.

Partners in Recovery

We extend the principle of mutual support by working closely with treatment centres and professionals to support our members in recovery. Many of our meetings are hosted by treatment centres, and the LifeRing approach can play a role in aftercare, as well as offering a continuous path forward through early sobriety to long-term recovery.

If you would like to speak with a LifeRing representative in person, or if you want a LifeRing speaker to address your patient and/or staff audience, please phone 1800 938 768 or email