Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

One could be forgiven for thinking that there was no alternative to traditional 12 step recovery paths such as AA because for years those alternatives, including LifeRing were rarely reported on. Thankfully that is changing.

Here is an interesting podcast on “Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”, a US podcast that discusses what life in recovery can be like. Here, Michael from LifeRing UK talks about how there are, in fact, many alternatives to faith based 12 step programmes, about the role LifeRing can play and he describes how LifeRing worked and still works for him.

Michael lived in Ireland for some years, and when work and family connections brought him back to the UK, he decided to bring the LifeRing service with him, forming LifeRing UK with three online meetings per week and a face to face meeting in Edinburgh every Saturday. Michael is also a member of the LifeRing US  board and we are very proud of our association with him.

Here’s the link. Its about 20 minutes. Enjoy.